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Walk in Love ... Carla Neff Gordan


Welcome, Old Friends! And Welcome New Ones as Well!

Whether or not you knew Carla, we invite you to bask in (re)connecting with the healing energy of these materials. For those of you who would like an introduction:



Carla Neff Gordan was a spiritual speaker, teacher, and healer for the better part of her 67 years.  Her love of God, people, and her spiritual path were everything to her, believing that we all have the power to heal beyond any past limitation or experience, to redefine and reframe our view of the present—and thereby joyfully rise to embrace the fullness of life!  Through a great deal of laughter and compassion, Carla passed along profound wisdom, empowering thousands to tap into their creativity and talents, to heal past and present relationships, to understand their own connections to God, and to walk in the freedom and lightness of being that comes with forgiveness.


Her unique gifts came in the form of her special connections.  To quote directly from the title of her friend and co-teacher Alan Cohen’s latest book, she had “Friends in High Places.”

Carla Neff Gordan was a deep-trance medium.  Through consistent spiritual work, including years of daily prayer and meditation, Carla would lift her vibration to a place beyond what we are most familiar with in earth, to connect with “Spirit Guides.”  Purposely identifying themselves by the simple names of “George” and later “Mary,” they explained that they were members of the White Brotherhood.  These Ascended Masters delve into ancient Truths to bring us current wisdom, offering a higher, big-picture perspective into all areas of living: Relationships, career, love, emotional and physical health, current events, the dynamics of healing–gently taking us by the hand and showing us how we connect to the ALL.

Her teachings were offered to groups large and small, as well as in profoundly specific personal sessions.

We invite you to read or listen to the teachings—even if it sounds a little “out there” for you–and let the Truths speak for themselves.  The Guides always lovingly encouraged us to “never hang up our brain,” to “trust our gut,” to “follow our heart,” and most especially, to “keep checking in with God.”  As with any teacher–spiritual or otherwise–take what corresponds and resonates as Truth to you.  Leave the rest.  Any teaching meant to heal should empower you, blind faith not required.

May you find the material as comforting, healing, uplifting, and JOYOUS as we have.  No greater wish could we have for you than this.  As the Guides would say, “Walk in Love.”


Carla traveled extensively throughout the United States, and in Mexico and Canada– known especially for her multi-day intensive workshops, while offering personal sessions both locally and on tour.  She was a beloved speaker and teacher at Spiritual Frontiers Fellowship conferences, and lectured in a multitude of New Thought churches, including Unity, Divine Metaphysics, and Religious Science.  She was an ordained minister, with doctorates in Metaphysics, Divinity, and Religious Psychology.

Beginning her career in New York with spiritual partner Helen Thomas Irwin, she and husband Richard Feller began the Institute of Man in Iowa, and later the Foundation for Personal Growth in Dallas.  Carla and family also established a retreat center in Arkansas in 1988 named Peace Valley, through their organization (S.O.U.L.), the Society of Universal Love.  She and Alan Cohen (best-selling New Thought author) frequently taught in tandem near his residence in Hawaii.  If you haven’t already, please connect with Alan and his world-renowned teachings here.


We are excited to have a new website under construction. When finished, it will offer a wide variety of her teachings. In the meantime, you can order the following programs by emailing We accept PayPal, Zelle, and Venmo for payments. Payment instructions and the files you order will be delivered via email as digital files.

  • SOUL Newsletter on Abundance ($10)
  • SOUL Newsletter on Integrity ($10)
  • Day with Mary on “Why are we here?” ($15)
  • Day with Mary on “Developing Self Esteem through the knowledge of Self-Love” ($15)

The best way to stay up on what’s going on is by following her Facebook Page.

By following her, you can watch the evolving work unfold! As many loving hands make more of Carla’s profound teachings accessible through today’s technology.

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When you arrive, click Follow to become part of Carla’s on-going community. There you can access (by clicking Photos)  an inspiring excerpt from The Fear Factor, entitled “Vision of a World Without Fear”. Our gift to you!


“Let’s relax together.  And let’s feel the Presence of a Living, Loving God.  In this moment of time, we ask to lift beyond earth into areas of absolute Truth.  We ask that the things most needed by these souls in this time will be spoken.  I ask to be a channel of Love and of Blessing.  And we stand believing.  Thank you, Father.”