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Day with Mary on Developing Self Esteem through the knowledge of Self-Love


Mary-Guide through Carla Neff Gordan shares deep spiritual truths on Developing Self-Esteem through the Knowledge of Self Love.




“You cannot like yourself if you don’t know yourself.”  We effectively drop our power when we doubt ourselves. Mary-Guide explores various inputs which affect how we build our self-esteem and our self-doubt, including: parents, birth order, trauma, education, religion, friendships, love relationships, sex, and more.

Artfully, she shows us how to communicate with  our inner self with honesty and compassion, so we stop hiding and discover what we want.  “What would you do differently if you truly loved yourself?”  We are given a view of how we can choose better for ourselves, including our surroundings, our mates, our jobs, our friends.

Some topics covered are: how to listen and respond to your physical body (“You sometimes treat your body as though you were mad at yourself”), becoming aware of your mental thoughts about your world, the definition of play and its importance, specific ways of how to surround yourself with beauty that lifts the heart, mind, and spirit.

Mary ultimately reminds us of where we truly came from, centering us in a view of our own unlimitedness.  With specific insights to tapping into what we love, what excites us, what makes us come alive, a new picture emerges of the Self as an empowered individual connected to Spirit, with an abundance of resources to release fear and embrace the joy of life.

4 separate Digital Files

Total Run Time: Approximately 4 hours combined



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