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Day with Mary on “Why are we here?”


Mary-Guide through Carla Neff Gordan shares deep spiritual truths on Why We Are Here.




“You are here to become masters of your destiny. YOU are the laboratory you work through.  You learn to love by learning to love yourself.”  Mary-Guide breaks down using ourselves as the laboratory for expansion and enlightenment.

Learning to observe and read specific spiritual equivalents of physical ailments, we are armed with information to heal old emotional wounds and hidden grudges. Mary also explores with participants the various ways we use our bodies to play out our beliefs, and how to learn to listen to our body and to honor its true purpose.

The sessions explore emotions as the barometers that tell us the truth of what we fear (even if we have trained our mind to believe otherwise).  Participants explore where their fears and vulnerabilities lie and look head on at what they believe about themselves—positive and negative—and begin to reframe into a spiritual to do list and self-acceptance.  “The wrappings are what you are healing; your True Self is already perfect.”

“If you keep rejecting yourself, you will not do what you came to do.”  Ultimately, our relationship with ourselves and our belief in a God of goodness and compassion dictates our relationship with others and with our world.  All roads lead back to self-love through the understanding of our connection with an unlimited and loving Source.

3 Separate Digital Files

Total Run Time: Approximately 4 hours, combined


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