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Newsletter On Abundance


Mary-Guide through Carla Neff Gordan shares a spiritual take on Abundance and how we can in practical terms open to a higher truth.



In a powerfully impactful message, Mary-Guide delivers Truth after Truth on Abundance as a concept, but more as a practice.

Mary illustrates how our world is filled to overflowing with abundance. She expounds on how the news as presented in the world tells us what to be afraid of, and we have a choice whether to accept that view or question it—replacing this with a belief that good can take place, and that abundance of all good is possible.

As we look to our individual world, we will see what we believe based on what we have an abundance OF.  Mary states that our beliefs surround us–and encourages us to write down what we observe we are manifesting—providing us with clear knowledge of which belief systems serve us and which we wish to change.

Our ability to see beauty, to see what we are proud of in ourselves, to open up to understanding–are less conspicuous but no less powerful ways we manifest abundance.  Mary addresses this as well—and after a stunningly beautiful prayer of affirmation, the session segues into a discussion led by Carla, as participants give impressions and realizations based on the lesson presented.

2 Digital Files

Total Run Time: Approximately 1 hour


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