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Newsletter on Integrity


Mary-Guide through Carla Neff Gordan shares a spiritual take on Integrity and how we are often different from what we think the world expects of us. We get a better understanding of what is ours to do to live with Integrity.



The disparity between who we are and who we think we need to be for the world is explored.  Tips and treasures encompass understanding our motives:  are we seeking approval from without or within?  Cultivating a crystal-clear view of ourselves so that we resonate with who we are in everything we do—be it relationships, job, resolution of issues–nothing need be hidden or unresolved as we look within with courage and compassion.

What fears do you have which cause you to not stay true to yourself?    In what area do you find it the hardest to stay in integrity?  Students express various fears and situations in which they compromise the expression of integrity.  Mary-Guide provides her rich wisdom and insight, reminding us that true peace of mind and confidence can only come through the honesty of integrity—and that we must look into our soul if we want to change the world.

After Mary-Guide’s presentation, Carla leads an intriguing discussion, asking students to answer, “When this life is done, what do YOU want to believe about yourself?”

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Total Run Time: Approximately 1 hour


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